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What is Real Chicken?


Certified Organic Pasture Raised Poultry: A Comparison

REAL CHICKENS are raised grazing in certified organic fields of clovers, grasses, and supplemented with certified organic grains.

"Natural" or "free-range" growers can use conventional feed that may contain pesticides, toxins, antibiotics, growth enhancers, and meat byproducts.

REAL CHICKENS are not debeaked, allowing them to forage easily.

So called "free-range" birds are commonly debeaked and often raised in crowded buildings with access to only barren, fenced yards.

REAL CHICKENS are moved twice daily over fields of fresh greens, in the sunshine and fresh air, eliminating any contamination with pathogens and parasites.

So called "free-range" and "natural" chickens are often raised in factory farm buildings allowing for contamination with parasites and pathogens with build up or waste matter and poor ventilation.

REAL CHICKENS are Certified Organic; their feed is free from herbicides and pesticides.

"Natural" is a term that can be applied to any raw meat and refers only to foods not treated during processing.

Did you know?
According to the EPA, 90-95% of all pesticide residues are found in meat and dairy products.
Conventional animal feed can contain the most heavily sprayed crops.
Toxins, including pesticides and drug residue, concentrate in animal fat.

The REAL CHICKEN method takes more time, more work, and more expense, but we're sure you'll's all worth it.  We hope that you enjoy the outstanding taste and overall superior quality of our field-grazed Certified Organic chicken!

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