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certified organic

Certified Organic

Certified Organic Eggs, Poultry and Lamb

Any product that is "certified organic" means that the producer and processors have been inspected by a third-party agency to verify the organic intergrity if their facilities and procedures, and then certified by that agency.  Several certification agencies exist across the country and they inspect farms and processors to ensure that:

  1. Proper documentation of their operations is maintained to ensure they follow strict standards to qualify for certification.
  2. They have kept detailed records of their practices.
  3. They use ecologically-friendly methods and substances to improve the soil, control pests, and clean processing facilities.

Any product labeled organic in the U.S. must also meet strict national standards.  Organic food must be produced without the use of sewer-sludge fertilizers, most synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, genetic engineering (biotechnology), growth hormones, irradiation and antibiotics.

This method of pasture-raised poultry takes more time, more labor and more expense.  We know you will enjoy the taste of these superior products.

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